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Is Genesis History ( 2 minutes ago )

nigelnix : No, it isn't history! sorry to burst your bubble...

Expedition Unknown ( 7 minutes ago )

Onthefringe : Love this guy! Thanks for the sharing of the links! He's got a new Show! , Josh Gates Destination Truth! 4 episodes so far! !

The Fate of the Furious ( 12 minutes ago )

Aemilius : R.I.P. Paul Walker

Longmire ( 12 minutes ago )

MIGAS21 : I realy like this drama series, and this episode had some very good writing, I liked for example the odd teaming of the sheriff with the stalker to name just one element...but why do we find on ALL TELEVISION COP SERIES an episode or two that will demonise patriots and constitutionists?.... Why are always the bad guys that complain about NSA spying on civilians? It's a no-brainer problem of our civil society. I have two thoughts on this. It's either a)propaganda to lobotomise the public into sheeple...or b) a way to expose this issue in a way that is not too preachy. Take your pick.

The Uninvited ( 14 minutes ago )

simi5 : a strong movie always gives me the creeps when i watch. good acting and script and all

A Cowgirl's Story ( 22 minutes ago )

Apedaddy : Truly a good family film. Very touching and heart warming. Thanks uploaders.

Man Vs ( 26 minutes ago )

asreal : like I've said before, if you're filming me who is filming you?, but wait not quite FF, {found footage} crap, this has an element of surprise to it, worth a look-see:D+.

Lip Sync Battle ( 29 minutes ago )

pahlawan : Omg Tom, this is incredible!!! Hahaha

Riviera ( 29 minutes ago )

redhotchilli_c : what load of over hyped tripe, julia styles was an a terrible pick for the lead,she couldn't act her way out of a sweet shop, god, there must be 1000,s of actress,s out there who could have killed this,with more than the two expressions, styles is capable of,give it a miss

Riviera ( 33 minutes ago )

redhotchilli_c : well if you want , good acting, a tricky plot, and 10 hours of pure enjoyment, watch deadpool 4 times as this was hideous,julia styles non existent acting, should have been done by her assistant as she seems to have done everything else,very over hyped and very poor,due mainly to a weak lead actress

Nurse Jackie ( 37 minutes ago )

Scuz : The daughter grace annoys me immensely, every time I watch Nurse Jackie again. Such a spoiled c*nt.

Marquis de Sade Justine ( 38 minutes ago )

chiefandkat : wtf. it amazes me how that could be told as a virtuous tale. how much brutality can be handed out to women by religious people. both men and women have taken part of this type of brutality towards women. all in the name of virtue. yet the sister was seen as not virtuous but well off. ummm, the answer is there for all to see. which path will you take.

The War Of The Stars: A New Hope Grindhoused ( 47 minutes ago )

HeatherMason : interesting edit. screen filters, rough cut footage, and nicely substituted musical cues effectively transmute the tone. i like the idea of adding additional dialogue for Darth Vader and R2-D2 more than i do the result;R2 becomes kind of annoying and Vader is too blatantly cobbled from different sources (some will find this to be a virtue for this particular piece but i don't). most Star Wars geeks will probably have seen the restored footage already but it's interesting for those who have not. while it was a lot of fun i'm not sure i'll want to revisit this in lieu of the real deal. 7/10

Snatch ( 48 minutes ago )

bondad : Much better than the GR film in many ways; characters fleshed out, backstories clearly established, and some fine acting, notably by Rupert Grint. While the material itself is questionable, morally, it is an entertaining ride

Big Little Lies ( 54 minutes ago )

kintle123 : i am not impressed im a young adult male this is not for me!

iZombie ( 59 minutes ago )

bondad : Liv looks so much better as a Z

Gay Batman Returns ( 1 hour ago )

bondad : Please, people, watch the films before you slag them off. This is not propaganda saying batman is gay (and, BTW, he isn't real!) it is a spoof. Done by the same team who brought you 'Extremely Dark Knight' and 'Batman Chooses his Voice'. Just a pastiche, send up, spoof. Get it? Watch it - it's funny!

XX ( 1 hour ago )

love2rhyme : this was such weird movie. 3.5/5

Rough Night ( 1 hour ago )

TheFaaKing : Finally a COmedy featuring women where the entire story doesn't revolve around dumb relationship issues. Was quite funny, great cast.

The Witch ( 1 hour ago )

gyrannon : Thou art borish filmography. Praise I shall nnot give for thee deserve'th none.

Hear No Evil ( 1 hour ago )

AlphaThrillSeeker : Hear No Evil goes into serial killer territory in this ep. Like most serial killers, this sociopath had an abnormally high IQ. I had never heard of this case before and it kept me glued to the screen. They should have done to him what they did to Bundy. The audio tape that's being played before the opening credits start rollin' is sure to send chills up your spine.

Before I Wake ( 1 hour ago )

vanili : Not so much a scary movie but loved the story and everything about it 4/5

Will & Grace ( 1 hour ago )

Gladion20 : Nice, Sara Rue is in this one

Fargo ( 1 hour ago )

nigelnix : The butcher should mince his wife.

Riviera ( 1 hour ago )

pappaaa : Best thriller in long time.

Southern Justice ( 1 hour ago )

nealnbob : Old footage in this one also. Just the part with the guy who was kicking his old ladies car in this one, I think. If I'm wrong, post the episode and season #s.

Shots Fired ( 1 hour ago )

Blackdogg9 : One of the best shows to hit T.V. The acting is as great as the story line. the constant twist turns and real life exploit shows how much their is a MESSAGE in every episode. This show offends only those who refuse to listen, Teaches those who want to learn and emphasizes "you" on your rights and your privilege. Bravo Creators

Rakka ( 1 hour ago )

finigan1 : Great short,I thank the person who recommended it,I hope they make more,and sigourney is still as much ripley as she ever was,4.5/5.I recommend it,it will make you wish there was more.

Yesterday Once More ( 1 hour ago )

CounterCookie : 5/5 Stars. I'm glad this movie was made; as it had a personal message for me.

Is Genesis History ( 1 hour ago )

DreadPirateRobert : Yes science is fallible, it is designed to be that's why they are called scientific theories. Theories based on the research of the combined human race through history to this point. Always open to change with the advancement of knowledge. It being fallible is it's strength; one's theory is always tested to failure by another and any theory relying on insufficeint evidence or flawed logic is disregarded. The problem with religion, is that it is infallible. This would therefore require otherwise intelligent people to at some point have to stand there and insist black is white in the face of all logic. If it is in order to corroborate what they state is not a theory but an absolute truth which should be the starting point of any research, logic is secondary.

Fear the Walking Dead ( 1 hour ago )

luvlinguae : Chris is such a douchebag emo mama's boy. Screws everything up as bad as Alicia.

Is Genesis History ( 2 hours ago )

bruncewayne : Poor Americans, can't afford college no more. Schools are hardly a place that teach science. Good for nothing mediocre parents force their kids into such kind of crap. But cheap movie tickets and cable do teach them a lot about so called "science and facts". That's what happens when we try workarounds to avoid natural selection process, and such dummies get to reproduce and live up to 80 years of age.

The Big Bang Theory ( 2 hours ago )

Blaargh : The gizmo at the end of the ep.. total communal nerdgasm ^^

Queen Sugar ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : This was a good opener... Glad the Borderlone siblings are back for the summer.

Southern Justice ( 2 hours ago )

ateras360 : That was an odd episode haha

Fargo ( 2 hours ago )

Iforgotwhy : 10/10 for David Thewlis in this season. I actually prefer this to season 2, on a par with season 1.

Caveat ( 2 hours ago )

DaveKim : Big budget student film project it seems. Two directors and two DPs, enough said. Flashbacks all done with overexposures, cheesy out of touch dialogues and mediocre acting. Gave it a try for 15 minutes.. give up.. laughable.

Hear No Evil ( 2 hours ago )

stephaniee_thall : Guess he thought he had all his bases covered, but, it didn't quite work out the way he expected - thank the Lord! Thank you for the links uploaders!!!

My 600-lb Life ( 2 hours ago )

vanillanyx : Usually the people's personality disgusts me as much as their bodies but Tracey was lovely. I'm happy she was able to get herself on track, may she live a long & healthy life.

Atlanta ( 2 hours ago )

cuul_Jr : IT'S A REAL FUCKING NUMBER LMAO! You even get a voicemail lol.

Broken ( 2 hours ago )

SizzyLove : That was heavy.... and sad.

Fargo ( 3 hours ago )

mussashi : Freaking outstanding!!!! Absolutely pure art this show is! ENCORE!!!

Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs Ninninger the Movie Super Sentais Message from the Future ( 3 hours ago )

hellsingfan01 : i really liked the movie but i have to ask what was with all the fourth wall breaks?

Is Genesis History ( 3 hours ago )

420 : I'm glad to see most of the people who commented refute this garbage. How do you even begin to believe this BS if you live in a non third world country with the access to information that we have?

Southern Justice ( 3 hours ago )

nealnbob : Part of this is old footage... See S2 > E8 Blue Ridge Bandit

The F Word ( 3 hours ago )

BC_Peach : I'm actually surprised by how many comments here from those not liking this new show. Then I thought, maybe many others like myself who did like it weren't bothering to post a positive comment,so I decided to add my two cents. I'm like many others who watch all things Gordon Ramsay, even his hotel & restaurant makeover shows, so I was excited to see he was bringing this show to North America. I happen to like the more relaxed atmosphere, it shows the other side of Gordon Ramsay that you don't get to see a lot of on his other shows. Not only is he a renowned Chef and consummate professional but he is also a great humanitarian (which is more what this show is about - giving those with less a chance to win a large cash prize, like that team of teachers led by their Principal trying to raise funds for their school), he has a sense of humor and a playful side that you get see as he interacts with famous guests and visits former chefs, etc. Frankly, I think the show is a breath of fresh air and I look forward to each new episode. Completely different from Hell's Kitchen (night and day) but equally as enjoyable. Two thumbs up! 👍👍

Power Rangers ( 3 hours ago )

RedFiyah : I loved this, being an OG power rangers fan and all. It didn't seem cheesy or rushed. I read other comments saying that they wished the power ranger dynamic came a bit earlier, but honestly, I didn't mind it. The problem with a lot of these super hero movies is that the main characters usually spend their entire lives in a state of normalcy, then they get torn from that and thrusted into the alternate world way too quickly; not to mention they accept the craziness they're thrusted into too easily. I feel like this was built on a solid enough foundation for a sequel. I'd definitely be stoked if they choose to do that.I'd love the story to be shifted from the red hero, onto the other interesting members of the team. Still, I would prefer they shoved the focus on one of them this time around, instead of clouding our minds with four other heavy backstories. So yeah, I didn't mind that too much. And when the theme came in, I freaked. GO GO POWER RANGERS!!! All in all, a great watch I don't regret. Last note, all those complaining about another superhero movie about teenagers...Uh, do you want one with middle aged people drowning in debt and bitterness, or infants straight from the womb thrust into a supernatural world? Fact is, teenagers make it more relatable. If you're graying and bitter and want some action, hop into the "old people" genre of movies. Simple.

Stargate SG-1 ( 3 hours ago )

MuslimBeard : That moment when Thor looked up with bulging eyes after O'Neill destroyed the replicator. Priceless.

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Is Genesis History

nigelnix : No, it isn't history! sorry to burst your bubble...

Expedition Unknown

Onthefringe : Love this guy! Thanks for the sharing of the links! He's got a new Show! , Jos ...

The Fate of the Furious

Aemilius : R.I.P. Paul Walker


MIGAS21 : I realy like this drama series, and this episode had some very good writing, I l ...

The Uninvited

simi5 : a strong movie always gives me the creeps when i watch. good acting and script a ...

A Cowgirl's Story

Apedaddy : Truly a good family film. Very touching and heart warming. Thanks uploaders.

Man Vs

asreal : like I've said before, if you're filming me who is filming you?, but wait not qu ...

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