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Free Fire ( 11 seconds ago )

SASALI : Sam Peckinpah + Jean-Pierre Melville + Quentin Tarantino . what a cinema . Ben Wheatley has made his own classic . just wonderful . 10/10

Downward Dog ( 6 minutes ago )

Lucy18960 : I was waiting for this series. I was not thrilled so far. I`ve seen dogs with very expressive faces and the one in this show has none. Nor is there any expression in the voice. A mono tone voice for a dog him saying "like" once or twice in every sentence. If it was a human talking to me, I would be tempted to shoot him. As for the real humans in this show, I am not impressed.

Young & Hungry ( 9 minutes ago )

VioletEyez : such a cute/romantic episode and still funny ! hope there's more to it

Brooklyn Nine-Nine ( 14 minutes ago )

tussilo : Omg this episode!!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon ( 17 minutes ago )

Tazergrrrl : 'Grab-Pussy-Here', the haute couture gold-foil batwing oxford collared dress w/ draped ruche peekaboo crotch, literally stole the show! The dress SCREAMED 'Grab-Pussy-Here' making it impossible to focus on anything else. I have no idea what happened on the show after that dress. Barry Manilow did NOT have a kewl dress - was totally upstaged imho. Geezer and Fallon sang horribly stale renditions of nobodycareselevatorsongs. Stroll that dress out onstage again - I can't stop staring.

The Shack ( 19 minutes ago )

eka_terinka : What a disgusting message this movie has. Everyone involved in making this should be very ashamed of themselves.

The Leftovers ( 27 minutes ago )

switcher : cant help but feel that the ending here is going to be really unsatisfying given how amazing this show has been

Jane the Virgin ( 30 minutes ago )

armybrat_angel : This next season... its bout to be mind-blowing

Conspiracy Theory ( 41 minutes ago )

Grnfinger : If you don't think Aliens built Las Vegas and the Hoover Damn, then all your proof is right here. The guy ask's tough questions, dig's really deep in to the story and uncovers countless evidence...

Year Million ( 44 minutes ago )

justtalkin : Won't be watching this anymore. I thought the show was science based and would seriously speak of future generations, cryogenics etc...but oh no...along came the same old issue mentioned in every show. In episode 2 when speaking of cryogenics the fact of inequality of the technology coming to the wealthiest people first was made...then a comment that followed was 'we already have life extension, it is called being white'. Is this going to be dragged thousands of years into the future, probably if people can't get past something as simple as skin colour yet. It is the year 2017 we are all people, all the same. Poorly done show...stick to science and edit out useless comments. That's my opinion and I am not going to have an argument about race with anyone on this site...I will not even view a reply. Please everyone let's just get along.

Obsolete ( 47 minutes ago )

marcusmann : Propaganda, pure and simple, ideas are not completely filled out, and then put forth as IF THIS THEN THAT, instead of IF THIS, THEN WE MUST ALSO...There are much better films out there regarding these issues. But, make no mistake, you really MUST be informed.

House of the Dead ( 51 minutes ago )

vyletterose : island of the dead would have been a more suitable name for this movie. not too bad, but fight scenes look like game video..i am thinking that was done by design; but maybe not the best choice..still, it was watchable..

Forged in Fire ( 56 minutes ago )

BUDDHA512 : never would have guessed at that out come.

Lucifer ( 1 hour ago )

bondad : Damn I didn;t know this had come back so soon! Love this show, and while she might be an airhead, Candi was lovely!

Conan ( 1 hour ago )

Tazergrrrl : If Melisa's husbands book is as boring as his rambling lackluster stories... well ummm, thanks for the warning dude. (audience: 'crickets')

Alien: Covenant ( 1 hour ago )

voicesinthedark : This steaming pile of %#&^ was given the greenlight over the script that Neil and Sigourney wrote to give Ripley a proper send off?! The ''Alien'' franchise lost its way arguably after the third movie (although some include the third movie in that) and it's only continued its downward spiral. Prometheus as a stand alone sci-fi movie wasn't bad, if you completely let yourself forget it was supposed to be tied to the franchise, but both Prometheus and Covenant tied to the franchise just continue on with everything that has gone wrong with the series. The original movie struck fear into the hearts of the audience, ''Aliens'' continued on that same line but also brought a bit of dark humor into the mix which worked with the evolution of the Ripley character. While Resurrection lacked any of the redeeming qualities of the first 2/3 movies, it did allow for an interesting twist to Ripley's personality. Unfortunately with Prometheus and Covenant there is a total lack of disconnect between the characters and the audience. There is no character growth, the characters are extremely one dimensional, and in the end you really don't care what happens to them. With any good horror movie sometimes you root for the villain and sometimes for the heroes and unfortunately this franchise has lost that and so much more. Overall if you're really a die hard fan of the franchise then you're going to want to give this movie a one time watch just to find out some of the long held secrets that are finally revealed (although I was personally really disappointed with most of them), but after that it's definitely one you're going to want to file in the watch it and forget it bin.

Model Hunger ( 1 hour ago )

KumarRajesh : weird strange movie .. gore and revenge.. but not my kind of movie

Forsaken ( 1 hour ago )

colyzee : slow and dreary

Alien 3 ( 1 hour ago )

jackclubs : Ripley Ripley is the best she's got aliens in her chest!

Ghost in the Shell ( 1 hour ago )

painteddog : Garbage to put it mildly.

Nightline ( 1 hour ago )

Tazergrrrl : Arianna Grande bombing.

The Flash ( 1 hour ago )

MICHAELMYERS : Iris .. let barry have some time with his family you roug! ..move on with your all about me self ..... someone should trowed her ars in the speed force...... ! piece out !lol barry might get hitched in the speed force ha ha ha .....p .s thats all i got ''

Sense8 ( 1 hour ago )

Sarnian : What an episode !!! So good I think I'll watch it again tomorrow night 11/10

Crimes and Misdemeanors ( 1 hour ago )

EmilStoilkov : woody allen's second best movie after the Manhattan one 9.3/10

The Handmaids Tale ( 2 hours ago )

ellegrl : I think Im liking his character more than hers I think. He is a really good actor. When you see a man cry it makes my heart melt.

Snow White and the Three Stooges ( 2 hours ago )

melissa1983 : I kept seeing negative reviews for this movie all over the place, but it honestly wasn't that bad! It's interesting to see Moe and Larry do serious acting and show their softer side. Also for those of you wondering why there's hardly any of their trademark slapstick in this movie it's because by that time, the shorts were being shown on television and Moe was said to be very sensitive to parental complaints about the violence in the shorts.

24 ( 2 hours ago )

water2whine : Although calling the Chinese was Logan's last hurrah, I STILL think Jack got the better end of the deal getting that rat b*stard off the throne. This season has been beyond outstanding ... it took my twice as long to watch because I was so damned angry most of the time but my rage wasn't at 24 it was at a human condition that allows us to devolve into animals. I fear there is little hope for a true evolutionary shift upward until a catastrophic event cleanses this earth of all the corruption that permeates societal norms.

Alien: Covenant ( 2 hours ago )

BioM3chX : I guess people film writers are running out of ideas but keep on rewriting old stuff just to keep the franchise and milking us out to spend money on 3d glasses and junk merchandises so we can forget for a moment how pathetic of our existence we have.

Monster Trucks ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : Cute family film. I enjoyed myself watching it. Happy to own it! 4/5 stars

Alien: Covenant ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : Make sure you watch Prometheus before you watch this!! It's an amazing movie!! I really enjoyed myself watching this!! I saw it in theaters and I can't wait to own it on bluray!! 10/10 stars I LOVE ALIEN MOVIES

Profondo rosso ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : Amazing movie!!! If you like slashers, give this one a watch! It's REALLY WELL DONE!! 10/10 stars

Silent House ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : It's okay for a one time watch. A little boring, but an interesting twist. 3/5 stars

Panic Button ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : I just rewatched this movie and yet again I'll be praising the film. It's really well done and has an interesting outcome.

Obsolete ( 2 hours ago )

BioM3chX : Pretty sure the Amish, the mountain people, and people of third world countries will not be obsolete, you may feel obsolete if you rely too much on technology and money like Trump. Let us find ourselves some rock and crawl under it, yo!

Conspiracy Theory ( 2 hours ago )

22blanche : Looks like my super negative comment was removed, so all I'll say is, plx do as HollywoodJimbo and VegasWalkDude and not wot Manditoe does, (sorry Manditoe :). To describe as idiocy would be a compliment.

Grimm Love ( 2 hours ago )

ChanceRox : It was pretty well done. It kept me interested throughout. 4/5 stars

The Flash ( 2 hours ago )

kaspars100 : Wait so supergaygirls boyfriend isnt going to this universe?

Alien: Covenant ( 2 hours ago )

deckard1911 : Cam quality is pretty good as is the audio, definitely watchable. The movie itself was really good, satisfying ending, a must see for fans of the franchise.

Fargo ( 2 hours ago )

ladder_proof_hose : I just realized the little android Minsky is named after the inventor of that useless leave me along box! Nice one, writers of Fargo!

Dancing with the Stars ( 2 hours ago )

christmastiger : I'm actually quite happy with who won, they obviously put in by far the most effort of anyone in the season and showed the largest amount of growth, as well as having fluidity and musicality. I was honestly a little bit delighted about who got third because it felt like they were getting the winner's edit the whole time and it really annoyed me. Overall I wish Simone had made it to the finals but other than that I'm pretty happy with the season.

Alien: Covenant ( 2 hours ago )

Orazachi : I wonder about the effects on the brain, from a broken cryosleep or a regular cryosleep and the bad decisions characters make. I assume it's a technology that's not tested all that much in the alien universe as it seems to be a recurring theme in many of the films, that appears to amplify primal emotions of characters, leading them to do really stupid things. I personally love the lore oozing out of promethium and covenant. 9/10. Thank you for the uploads people.

Silicon Valley ( 3 hours ago )

Dante89 : hahaha it's like every episode is a twist to a new opportunity ... love it !

Graveyard Carz ( 3 hours ago )

Tazman79 : Mopar or no car is 100% true I have lived by that motto since my very first car

Wentworth ( 3 hours ago )

DebbieLegg : I think that the 'freak' has an enemy and you know what they say about 'keeping your enemies close'.

Hear No Evil ( 3 hours ago )

AlphaThrillSeeker : After See No Evil comes Hear No Evil ! Next up is Shit No Evil, the analysis of faeces to determine the perpetrator's motives and identity.

John Wick: Chapter 2 ( 3 hours ago )

humanhybred : Mr Wick will see you now!...8/10*

Chris Gethard: Career Suicide ( 3 hours ago )

Nonya_Biddness : Well with a name like that, i expected porn.. but no, it's a hilarious comedy special!

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt ( 3 hours ago )

idrow : I want to give Carol Kane some visine. Those are the reddest eyes I've ever seen.

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Downward Dog

Lucy18960 : I was waiting for this series. I was not thrilled so far. I`ve seen dogs with ...

Young & Hungry

VioletEyez : such a cute/romantic episode and still funny ! hope there's more to ...

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

tussilo : Omg this episode!!

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Tazergrrrl : 'Grab-Pussy-Here', the haute couture gold-foil batwing oxford collared dress w/ ...

The Shack

eka_terinka : What a disgusting message this movie has. Everyone involved in making this shoul ...

The Leftovers

switcher : cant help but feel that the ending here is going to be really unsatisfying given ...

Jane the Virgin

armybrat_angel : This next season... its bout to be mind-blowing

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